The Hexayurt – From An Invention To A Reality

Daren Forsyth from TAG ID spent a day at Sarvodaya’s Disaster Center for the construction of the first Hexayurt in Asia. I was there to film and document the whole process of building this new emergency shelter.

TAG ID spent a day sharing its knowledge with Sarvodaya, to build a new kind of tent: the Hexayurt. The Hexayurt was invented by Vinay Gupta and is intended to provide durable shelter to millions with the use of the people’s local means. It is already being tested in Haiti, but this one at Sarvodaya’s Disaster Center is the first one being built in Asia.

Until now, in the event of a disaster, organizations usually provided tents made of imported materials like plastic. The Hexayurt is made of plywood, a cheaper material that is found everywhere in the world. Mr Gupta promotes it as “the world’s cheapest, most durable emergency shelter”.

Manoj de Silva, coordinator of the Sarvodaya-AJJDC Community Disaster Management Center, explained Sarvodaya’s objective is to test this new temporary shelter’s durability and identify ways to adapt it to Sri Lanka’s weather conditions. The next few months shall prove whether or not the tent is fit for a hot and humid climate.

All the designs for the Hexayurt are patent-free and they will be made available for download online. Today I documented the process of the shelter being constructed at Sarvodaya. How-to videos describing this process will also be available on the web for anyone in the world to build.


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