With Suwasetha good things really are for everyone.

The first project I was assigned to make for Sarvodaya is a promotional video for the Suwasetha Sewa Society. Suwasetha, which means “good things for everyone”, is an independent division within the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement that takes care of the most vulnerable individuals. It was started by Dr. Ariyaratne to provide a safe environment for … Continue reading

The Hexayurt – From An Invention To A Reality

Daren Forsyth from TAG ID spent a day at Sarvodaya’s Disaster Center for the construction of the first Hexayurt in Asia. I was there to film and document the whole process of building this new emergency shelter. TAG ID spent a day sharing its knowledge with Sarvodaya, to build a new kind of tent: the … Continue reading

Come Experience Peace

Sarvodaya‘s Vishva Niketan, situated at Moratuwa in south Colombo is a peace centre with the aim of achieving inner and outer peace through spiritual awakening. Situated in the heart of the city on an acre and a half site, the peace centre is the vision of Dr. A.T. Aryaratne, president of Sarvodaya Shramadana, a grass-roots humanitarian … Continue reading

For Mommies and Daddies!

One of Sarvodaya‘s independent unit, Vishva Niketan Peace Centre, conducted ‘The Holistic Approach to Motherhood’ programme at the Sumanajothi School hall at Ingiriya (Kalutara district, Sri Lanka) on Saturday, 30th November 2010. More than a hundred mothers and soon-to-be mothers along with their husbands attended the programme. It was organized by the Medical Office of … Continue reading

Photo Essay: Holistic Approach to Motherhood Programme held in Indiriya, Kalutara

Saturday was a busy day for the media unit. We covered an event conducted by Sarvodaya Vishva Niketan in Ingiriya (Kalutara District). More than a hundred pregnant women were there along with their husbands. The objective was to learn more about communicating and connecting with their babies inside the womb. Here are some pictures from … Continue reading

From Trivandrum to Colombo!

It may have been one of the quickest decision I made in life, but I never felt more sure. What attracted me the most about the internship at Sarvodaya in Colombo (Sri Lanka),was how the opportunity to combine two things I was so passionate about presented itself – journalism and social work. The flight to … Continue reading

Our visit to Suwasetha’s Homes in Southern Sri Lanka

On Monday, we followed Bianca (Suwasetha Director) on her monthly visit to Suwasetha Homes. It was very useful for me to follow her in order to get to know more about Suwasetha on the field and to obtain some interesting footage as well. We left in the early hours of the morning and stopped over … Continue reading

A new recruit

From next week onwards we will be two interns working in the Sarvodaya Media Unit here at Sarvodaya’s headquarters in Morutawa, Sri Lanka. Aparna arrived on Saturday morning from India to help with the many projects that are on going. She will be a writer on this blog too. As soon as she reached, we … Continue reading

Time flies but projects are getting on their way.

The week goes fast here in Sarvodaya with all the projects that one can get involved in. Meeting the Sarvodaya’s staff has been a crucial part of my first week and I can now start to get myself working on the tasks I’ve been assigned. I started the week spending a lot of time designing … Continue reading

Sarvodaya’s Media Blog

Scopus Image, in association with TAG ID, is organizing a group of media and journalism post-graduate interns to work with the Sarvodaya Media Unit on documentation and project development. Jonathan Lubell has been a regular visitor to Sarvodaya over the last few years, producing and directing short videos about Sarvodaya’s work. He is now seeking … Continue reading